Tuesday, May 1, 2012

German Chocolate Cake

It appears that I share my affection for German chocolate cake with Momma Lou.  Yesterday after a church fellowship meal our pastor's wife asked if we wanted to take the left over German chocolate cake home.  Of course, I inwardly blushed, then asked if Curtis told her to offer it to me.  She said that he did not, then I had to tell her why I asked!  I should have just not asked!  

Well, this afternoon we picked Momma Lou up and as soon as she got in the truck she asked if it was somebody's birthday and pointed at the cake that was sitting on the floor board between her and myself.

"No, it was left over from a church dinner.  I thought we could have some when we got back to your apartment."  I said.

"Oh, that does sound good."  Momma Lou said never taking her eyes off of the cake.  "It is chocolate, isn't it?  Looks like chocolate."

"Yes, it is German chocolate.  Do you like German chocolate, Momma Lou?"

"Oh, yes, I do.  I sure do.  I like anything chocolate."  Momma Lou said, still looking at the cake, having inched a bit closer to it.  "You say it is left overs?"

"Yes, ma'am, from a church dinner yesterday."  I said as I was driving down the street.

"It sure does look good."  Momma Lou hunched over a little gaining closer proximity to the cake.  "You know, I sure bet it would smell good too."

"It does, and it tastes good! We'll have some when we get back to your apartment."

"Oh, doesn't that sound nice."  Momma Lou leaned forward a little bit more.  "You know, I bet it tastes as good as it looks."

"It does, Momma Lou.  I think you will like it."

"I bet it smells good, too.  Anything chocolate smells good."  Momma Lou lifted the lid to smell the chocolate, then she picked the whole plate up and said, "Oh, it does smell good.  I bet it tastes good, too.  Oh, I just can't ... I have to ..." then she grabbed a hunk of cake to smell, touch, and taste for real.

"Hey, Momma Lou, there are some spoons right there."

"Thank you, hun."

"Momma Lou, I'm sorry, but I have to stop and take a picture of you.  Is that OK?"

"This cake is really good."  Momma Lou mumbled through a bite of cake.

"Oh, is it good."  Momma Lou seemed to be in a bit of a dream land.

"You're taking a picture!?  Oh, this cake is good.  Sure is good cake."

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Anonymous said...

Awwww!! Love it!