Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sweet Blessings

Katherine and Emily are so different in so many ways, yet compliment each other so well. Emily's hair is like rich chocolate, Katherine's like smooth cream. They are inseparable and love to just be with one another. So often I get the pleasure of watching them sharing a stool, gazing out the window together. Their heads tilted towards each other, Emily's brown hair spilling onto Katherine's shoulders, their dresses gently blowing in the soft wind until you can't tell one dress from the other.

One day recently my Tommy sent Emily to the corner for some minor offense, not a training method we often use, and Katherine toddled right behind her as quickly as her tiny feet would carry her. When she got to Emily, Katherine offered her a hug of sympathy and a kiss to get her through her punishment then proceeded to suffer her sentence right along side her, standing in the corner just waiting for her sister to be released.

Emily knew that the corner wasn't really supposed to be a shared space so just stood there as quiet and as still as she could. When Daddy released her, Emily gave Katherine a great big hug that said, "Thanks!"

The heavy responsibilty of training these little people that have been entrusted to us is so worth the while, so worth the spilled tears, so worth the exhaustion. I am so blessed.