Friday, May 1, 2009


Today was to be a comfy day. There was nothing that had to be accomplished other than recover from being up with a baby with tummy troubles off and on all night. We all were content to stay in pj's, read and cuddle on the couch, and Abigail had some school work to catch up on. Lunch time came around and Daddy requested spaghetti with lots of garlic to get the baby nice and healthy. Daddy browned the meat, Abigail started to peel the garlic only to find the inside of it was moldy! That meant a quick trip to the store for Mommy ... you can't have sickies in the house and no garlic!

I really didn't want to get dressed. It was a dreary, windy day and I really wanted to stay in my pj pants and tshirt. So. I just pulled my skirt on over my party pants and traded my slippers for my Lands End ballet flats.

While at Safeway I got garlic, extra bell peppers, already browning bananas, a yogurt starter because mine had soured too much, and a bottle of Kefir. And. Yes, there is another and. And. And, well. Ahem. The bakery section and the dairy section share a space so after I got the yogurt I had to walk past all of their baked goods. Now, usually those things don't even tempt me. But. They had German Chocolate Cake. Oh, how I love German Chocolate Cake. I never get to make it because my Tommy doesn't like it.

I saw the chocolatey, coconutty goodness and took one step closer to it. Then in a moment of fleeting will power stepped away. Then took a side step before circling around the entire case. I ended up right back in front of the German Chocolate Cake slices and quickly grabbed one ... the tiniest one they had, set it in the seat of the cart, and quickly covered it with my purse lest anyone actually see me with it.

Now, there is something about Safeway's fountain soda that is just so good. So I filled me up a medium cup with plenty of ice and Mug root beer before heading out to the car.

Once in the car, I turned my radio up, rolled down my window and opened that beautiful chocolate masterpiece. Oh, the smell. So sweet. So chocolatey. So ... mine, all mine. I took my fork and and lifted the inciest of bites to my lips. Just as I was about to close my eyes and really savor that scrumptious bite, I saw someone out of the corner of eye. That someone was walking right for me.

Then that someone said, "You are so busted."

It was Curtis, from church. Curtis happened to be on the phone with his wife, Connie, and he said, "I just ran into Lisa in the Safeway parking lot, with no kids and she is eating German Chocolate cake ...and she is NOT washing it down with raw milk."

It was so funny. So funny. I really think that God granted me that moment of weakness just so I could enjoy the much needed laugh.

When I got home I told my Tommy who called Curtis so they could make fun of me together.

The worst part? It didn't even taste very good.

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