Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I was getting ready to take a nap with Jonathan (what a wonderful thing a scheduled nap is!) when Ian asked if we could make tortillas.  I told him that I was getting ready to get Jonathan settled into his nap and couldn't right then.

He said, "We can do it, Mom!  All by ourselves!"

So, what could I say to that?  I gave Abigail the recipe and told her that she was in charge.  I knew I'd be back down before the resting stage of the recipe was over so they wouldn't be operating the stove without me.

I came back down, twenty minutes later, after my power nap to find an almost perfect bowl of resting dough.  I had them add just a little bit of water then they got to rolling, stretching and browning.

After they finished browning them all and having a little snack, they asked if they could make them into chips to have nachos for dinner.

I know who is making the tortillas from now on!  Though, I don't think we make quite as much of a mess when we do it together.