Wednesday, May 30, 2012

God Even Cares About Kitchen Gloves

Have you ever bought something, knew that you brought it home with you, yet couldn't find it?  A few weeks ago I bought a pair of kitchen gloves.  I knew I did.  I simply couldn't find them anywhere.  I kept looking in all of my usual hiding spots and kiddo drop spots.  No gloves.  

I kept stretching my old pair of gloves day by day while I searched for the missing gloves.  Yesterday I decided that the next time I go shopping I would simply have to buy a new pair.  I don't plan on shopping until Friday.  Last night, I used my old pair of gloves to their demise.  

This morning I said to God, 'I know it is silly, but would You please help me find my gloves?"

This evening it was storming so Daddy said that I could put the children to sleep in our bed.  After snuggles, prayers, stories, and songs lead to droopy eyes and slow breathing I tried to move our bed away from the wall a little so we weren't blocking the air vent.  Guess what I found in between our bed and the wall?

That's right.  The kitchen gloves, still in the bag from the store.  How they ended up there, I have no clue.  God is so good, He cares about me so much that made a pair of kitchen gloves important to Him.  How awesome is He and the amazing love He has for us?

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Anonymous said...

Wow..Praise the Lord!!! That is awesome!!! Jan