The School Room

Our 2011-2012 Schedule

Emily and Katherine

*Circle Time
  • Prayer
  • Memory Verse
  • Calendar
  • Weather
  • Song
  • Game
  • Counting
*Unit Studies
*Momma Meeting
  • Monday- Bible
  • Tuesday- Reading
  • Wednesday- Math
  • Thursday- Shape
  • Fridays- Craft

Second Grade

*Help with circle time
*Unit Studies
*Momma Meeting
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Spelling
Fourth Grade

*Help with Circle Time
*Unit Studies
*Quiet Time
*Momma  Meeting
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Spelling

Q: What curriculum do you use?
A:  That question has an ever changing answer.  We are currently using Saxon Math, Explode the Code, and Sequential Spelling for the Three R-s.  Then, for Bible, Science, Social Studies, Geography, Art, Home Ec, and Career Training we do unit studies.  I get our unit studies from Weaver, KONOS, various internet sites, library books, and pretty much anywhere information is available.

The Summer/Fall of 2009 we moved, I had three miscarriages, then became pregnant with sweet Jonathan.  The planning for our own unit studies was very draining for me and we weren't getting as much done as I would have liked.  I bit the bullet and switched to Rod and Staff for the year.  I was very pleased with that decision, and even though it was just for a season, it was perfect for that season.  I do caution that if you are interested in Rod and Staff that you really look it over for yourselves.  For our grade levels, I was comfortable with the doctrine.  I would not have been so with upper grades.

I've also in the past used the Scaredy Cat reading system for children with dyslexia.  They have some fabulous tools, such as laminated letter reversal charts.

Q:  Where do you buy it?
A:  When we lived in North Carolina there was a fabulous little place tucked into a tiny shopping center called the Homeschool Gathering Place.  Here, there is no such place.  I order a lot from CBD, Ebay, homeschool swap boards, and Amazon.

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