Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jonathan is ONE!!

Jonathan's first minute as a one year old.  As always, I treasure our midnight picture.  The first minute of their new age.  Well, Mr.  Jonathan had other plans at midnight.  He really, really thought it was a good time to nurse.  This is the first midnight picture I didn't take, but Daddy did a great job. 

He didn't know quite what to think of all of the hoopla.  Though he did know just what to do with the candle!

He didn't have any problems figuring out what to do with the cake, either!

Then it was time to get all cleaned up to open presents.  Being his first birthday, he didn't really anticipate the present thing and really thought that it was time for a nap.

It didn't take long, watching his brother and sisters, to realize just how fun opening presents really was.

Then, it was nap time ... for Momma!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Keeping Cool

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To Train or Not to Train.


Invariably, the answer should always be to train.

Do you see that adorable little boy ... OK, big boy standing beside me? He has come such a long way in the self control department. I really am very proud of him. However. Yes, there is often a however.  However, the other day while we were in a store we don't frequent often his excitement very nearly completely robbed him of his self control and ability to act as a gentleman.  In momentary lapse of sanity he got so excited to see a giant M&M bowl that he shoved into me and the cart that contained his little brother (the other cutie up there).

I cleared my throat, which normally would have been enough to reel him back in, however in his state of high excitement he kept going,  I finally got his attention enough that his trance was broken from the colorful stand and he returned to me. 

Since I could tell that the apology mumbled out of his mouth wasn't exactly heartfelt, I decided that some practice time was needed.  He first practiced speaking politely with a nice tone of voice because Momma isn't fluent in Whinese or Mumblish.  Then, he practiced the gentlemanly art of yielding right of way with a gentlemanly heart.  I don't think it has ever taken me ten minutes to proceed down one aisle at a store without even looking at a single product before.  The ten minutes were definitely worth it, though.  If not just for me and my gentleman in training, for the little encouragement from the lady at the end of the aisle who offered a thumbs up and a wink.