Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Rainy Days

There is something about an occasional rainy day.  The kids and I have been practicing recipes we are entering into a recipe contest.  The house smells lovely, the kids have chocolate smeared on their cute little faces, and it's like God is setting the pace with the rythm of the drizzling rain.  My coffee tastes warm and comforting and that's the way my home feels. 

The kids and I are getting ready to test out the carpet cleaner we borrowed from my Mom.   (She's had it longer than I've had Ian and never used it.  LOL.)  You would think we were going to the library or something as excited as Ian is.  He delighted in helping put it together.  It was the last thing on his mind when he went to sleep and the first thing he thought of when he woke up. 

Things just seem more special when it's raining.