Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Katherine Sophia

Thunder Naps and Dashing Wicker Baskets

This afternoon after our shower, my Tommy allowed me to indulge in a quite nap. Miss Em was sleeping, the bigger two were resting, all was quiet. I sank into the plush covers and felt my head dip until it was cushioned to perfection. Ahh, my heart and mind relaxed on command as my body lead them to sleep. About fifteen minutes into my nap I not only heard but felt a loud boom, a tell tale sound that the threatening storm was indeed on it's way. After listening to be sure that the children were not frightened I allowed myself to enjoy the thought of a thunder nap. It had been so long since I'd enjoyed one. I sank even lower into my cushy covers and began to dream of more resonating thunder and the rhythmic pitter patter of rain that was sure to follow. Sighing at the wonderful indulgence I began to drift further into dream land when before my body was even awake it was being hauled by my mind out of bed, grabbing the wicker basket awaiting me at the end of the bed, and then dashing out of the house to gather the clothes off of the line.

The thunder was getting louder. The clouds were getting darker. The breeze was getting stronger. I could even smell the rain on it's way. Not wanting wrinkled clothes, I folded everything as quickly as I could then gently tossed them into the wicker basket at my feet. I felt like I was racing the storm.; As I neared the end of the line I felt for sure I was winning. All clothes neatly tucked away, the basket and I dashed back inside to greet giggling kiddos that had been enjoying the show through the window.

Two hours later the thunder is still making a spectacle of itself and still no rain!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Early Morning Snuggles and Puppy Kisses

It's not often that I have the pleasure of waking my children up. They are usually stretching and peeking through groggy eyes around the same time I am. This morning though, we had to wake up earlier than usual and I was rewarded with extra early morning cuddles and kisses. My Ian, always the first up, got up on his own and waited in the hall to attack me with a good morning hug and kiss as I came out of the bathroom. Since the house was still quiet I allowed myself to be indulged by a nice long squeeze and cuddle on the couch with him prior to waking his sisters.

I then sat on Miss Abigail's bed trying to gently coax her out of her beloved dreamland. Before I was able to accomplish such a lofty task, across the room Miss Emily began to stretch and roll around prior to staggering to her still sleepy tiny feet.

I left the little sleeping beauty to her dreams for just a few more minutes while I held my Emily close. As always when she first wakes up, she was lovey dovey, and Momma was the fortunate recipient to countless open mouth kisses and neck cuddles, with a few whispered "uvayou's" (I love you's) .

With the time in mind, I forced myself to put my cuddle bug down to cuddle with her big brother while I set to waking the dreaming one. As I approached her bed, I was greeted with tiny licks on my toes by a three week old puppy that had recently learned how to escape his nursing box. I lifted the little pup and he nuzzled up close. Sitting on Abigailie's bed, I gently traced her sleep flushed cheek with the puppy's whiskers. The tiny pup began to lick her little cheek. Her eyes fluttered open- a bit confused, then when she saw the puppy in her bed her entire face lit up and it seemed that she'd never had happier surprise than being awakened by a puppy's kiss.

Friday, July 6, 2007

The Miracle of Life

Our God is such an amazing God. His gifts, His ways, His wisdom are all absolutely amazing to me. I know that I sound redundant, but there really aren't adequate words to express His amazing love. He chose to give women a gift that is second only to the gift of salvation which is offered only by Him; The gift of nourishing, providing shelter, and loving a new little miracle even whilst He knits this new life within our wombs. The awesomeness of this strikes me more deeply with each new blessing.

There is so much beauty in knowing that God took a piece of my Tommy and a piece of me and is using those tiny little pieces to create a brand new life! A new person out of us combined! How amazing is that? Many times, I sadly think, women get distracted by the morning sickness, the aches and pains, and all the pressure they feel to get "ready" for the new baby that they completely miss the journey that God invites us to walk with Him during these special nine months.

A dear friend of ours is one week ahead of me in our current journey. She went for an ultrasound today and was blessed to see one healthy baby girl. Another girl to share and learn with, another girl to sew and knit with, another girl to one day -Lord willing- walk the same journey with our Lord that she is now walking. God is so good.

After I excitedly took in her news, I allowed myself to begin to think about the wee one I am enjoying the pleasure of carrying right now. I've not really allowed myself to think of the birth and life of this little one yet, whether he be a he or a she. I've only been enjoying the amazing gift of carrying him while the Lord does His work. If for some reason beyond my understanding God sees it fit to take this one home before I get to hold him in my arms, I want to be able to say with out any doubt that I held him in my heart.

We Mommas are so blessed to be able to hold these miracles for so long before the Lord presents His workmanship to the world. To be privy to God's newest miracle even before He is done is something that I hope to never take for granted. Imagine being there while He created the sea. Imagine being there while He put the stars in place. I am so blessed to say that I don't have to imagine, not only being there, but being the one He is doing the work within while He sets the newest little heart to beating.

God sure does love us, and I pray that I am able to share that love with each of the miracles that God has given us. They are getting bigger now, and still amaze me as much as the first time I felt them fluttering within.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Everyday Treasures

Well, after many trials and errors I finally was able to sew the girls dresses that may be worn out of the house!

While my Tommy was at work we hurriedly prepared all sorts of fun salads to enjoy before fireworks. Abigail and Ian made lunch while I was chained to the sewing machine. Nachos. They are now nacho experts and will be preparing them in my stead. They also made the strawberry and blueberry fruit salad all on their own. They were quite proud!

On his way home, My Tommy had a flat tire. So we were running a bit behind and wouldn't have time to grill our chicken. My Tommy brought home a rotisserie chicken already cooked and smelling delicious!

When he got home, My Tommy wowed the kiddos with some predark fire crackers then we loaded the cooler up and were on our way. Already an hour behind everyone else, we quickly ate as soon as we got there. We enjoyed some fellowship before the fireworks began and then we all huddled together to enjoy the show. (I did sneak out of the huddle a time or two to steal some pictures. ;))

It was really an enjoyable display. With our National Anthem, God Bless America, and a few other songs from the choir, it was quite moving.

After the last sizzle and pop, while everyone was rushing to their cars, we ran and played tag. Well, they ran and played tag. I took pictures of my children and their doting Daddy running and playing.

That was yesterday.

Today we were blessed by our dear friend, Eddie, that took time out of his day to help my Tommy to get a new tire as even the spare went flat last night! The children and I recovered from our late night out by checking the garden, blowing bubbles, and not much else!