Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sweet, Salty Air

We went over to my mom's house this past weekend to celebrate Ian's birthday (again!  that blessed kiddo!) after we opened presents and enjoyed some brownies with ice cream and hot fudge we went on a boat ride.  It was an absolutely beautiful day to be on the water.

Abigail has never been afraid in the boat before, however when we started up there was some trouble with one of the engines so she was a little hesitant.  It just took some reassuring from her Daddy to make her feel safe again so she could enjoy the salty air, the crisp river soaked breeze that swirls all of your cares away if even for just a moment.

Aunt Kim and Uncle Nathan were with us and they held Jonathan for a minute so I could take some pictures.

We stopped so the children could hop up top for a while and the baby could nurse.

On the way back Jonathan gave into the rhythm of the water and fell asleep.

Once back at Grandma's house the children chased butterflies and even caught a few.

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