Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baked No Bakes?

I write this blog post at the risk of ruining a dear friendship.  You see, my friend Sharon will probably be deeply offended and maybe even become ill after reading this.  Out of duty, I'm broaching a difficult subject, for chocolate and peanut butter are held very near to her heart and should not be messed with. 

So, here we go. 

My Tommy has an interview tomorrow, praise God! In hopes of having him well nourished and happy for his interview I started to make some fun chocolate muffins to have ready for breakfast. While my Kitchen Aid was whirring around and around, I had this sudden panic that I wouldn't get up in time to make eggs to go along with them in time, because it takes all of 5 minutes and 72 seconds to heat a pan, through some butter in and fry two eggs. What to do, what to do? Those muffins needed protein! Hmm. Protein. In a chocolate muffin. Hmm? I know! I'll add some peanut butter! Fabulous idea. The peanut butter was very meticulously glopped by spoonfuls into the mixing bowl with all of the other ingredients.  Then, another fabulous idea ... oatmeal!  Yes, oatmeal would add a tiny bit more protein and some fiber too!  Not to mention it would taste pretty good.  So, then the oatmeal was carefully measu  dumped into the bowl as well.

Well, as my mixer whirred at a tiny bit slower pace, my mind started to go a little faster.  Uhoh.  Just how dry are these concoctions going to be?  Should I add milk?  Hmm, if I had extra.  How about just water.  Eh.  OH, I KNOW!

PUMPKIN!  Even more fiber and vitamin A to boot and it would even out the texture beautifully.  So, in the pumpkin went.

When out of the oven they came, of course they had to be sampled.  They were a resounding hit.

You see, I had no intention of defacing a no bake cookie.  It just kind of happened.  I do hope that Sharon will be able to forgive me.  Maybe if I forget to tell her that the original muffin recipe had cream cheese in it she will be less offended.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must also admit that while I was waiting for the pictures to load I smeared a bit of peanut butter on the top of one of those muffins rather icing to cupcake like, and boy did they play friendly together!

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Anonymous said...

There are no words....please at least tell me that you used JIF.