Monday, November 16, 2009

Enjoying Every Moment

We've gone about this several ways. We've told all of our loved ones that we were expecting, waiting for the rejoicing to begin only to be crushed with negativity. We've enjoyed the little blessing all to ourselves while waiting with trepedation and fear of the pain that would ensue with an announcement. We've told only those that we knew would pray and waited to tell the ones that would be less than pleased. There have been a couple of blessings that we have had all to ourselves because they went Home before we had the chance to tell anyone.

This time we wanted to do it completely different. We are so thrilled. It amazes me how people take life and God's handiwork for granted. Right now, even as I type, God -the Creator of the entire Universe, all that is, all that ever was, and all that there ever will be- is busy. He is busy creating a new person inside of me. This is something to rejoice about! This is something to enjoy! This is a miracle. God chose me. He chose me to house this little life, to nurture, to shelter, to love while He is still knitting.

We don't want there to be any doubt in anyone's mind. This baby is a blessing. We will not keep him or her a secret for fear of negativity. We will not keep him or her a secret out of fear that we may have to share that he or she has gone Home before us. We will enjoy every moment God gives us with this baby. If we are only given 6 weeks while I still carry him or her within, then PRAISE GOD for those 6 weeks.

Last night we took the children to pick out a stuffed animal. They didn't know what we were doing or why we were there. Once a stuffed bear was chosen, we had them guess who it was for. I will never forget the smile that lit up Abigail's precious face once she figured it out. Ian, too, had a goofy grin on his adorable face, but he didn't want to guess out loud. Emily, well, it took a bit of talking for her to understand but once she did, her beautiful little face also broke out into a world record smile. Katherine, well, Katherine will take a while longer to understand, but I'm sure that she will enjoy her new baby brother or sister just as much as her big brother and sisters have enjoyed her.

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