Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Things You'd Never Think You Would Hear

We recently changed car seating arrangements. Abigail is now seated right next to Katherine; they both think this is a grand arrangement. Well, yesterday I heard a loud yelp from behind me. When I turned to see just who the yelper was, I found Abigail's arm stretching across the seat into Katherine's seat. Katherine is still turned rear facing, so I couldn't exactly see the problem, however experience has shown me the look on Abigail's face before. I was pretty certain that Katherine had Abigail's finger tightly in the grasp of her new pointy teeth. I coached Abigail through retrieving her finger from Katherine's mouth and scolded Katherine.

A few moments later Abigail said, very matter of factly, "Mom, how come Katherine is younger than me but she can bite harder and make it hurt more than I can?"

Not really sure if I wanted to know the answer I asked the only natural question, "How would you know that she bites harder than you?"

"Because it really hurt when she bit my finger, so I bit my finger to see if I could bite as hard as she could, and I couldn't!"

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