Monday, September 7, 2009

Slapstick Reality

I promise that everything in this post is true. It may seem like a Steve Martin movie, but it indeed really happened yesterday. I was making laundry detergent, in the bathroom. I had my bucket on the toilet so I could stir more easily. Katherine, who is 20 months, has recently started asking to go on the potty. She ran down the hall, stood outside the door and said, "Uhoh!"

I looked and saw that she had spilled her yogurt. I said, "Aw, it's OK, honey. Just clean it up."

To which she replied, "Uhoh!" with a look of great concern eclipsing her beautiful little face.

"It's OK sweetie, Mommy has a towel."


It was then that I realized that there was something on the floor. And it wasn't yogurt.

So, I threw Katherine in the sink and got her all cleaned up. While I was scrubbing her down Abigail came running down the hall.

I leaned out the bathroom door to tell her to watch where she steps just in time to see her step right where I was warning her about.

The looks of remorse and disgust that mingled on her face was priceless. She said, "I'm sorry! I didn't see it there!"

"It's OK, just get your foot cleaned up." All while still scrubbing Katherine and trying to make sure the 5 gallon bucket of detergent didn't spill.

Abigail hopped on one foot to the bathtub to rinse her foot. I stuck my head back in the bathroom that I was standing in to wrap Katherine in a towel when I heard, ""Ewwwww!"

Afraid to stick my head back out in the hall way, I said, "Please tell me that Emmie just saw Abigail'ls foot."

Of course, the reality was different. So, I put Katherine down safely away from the detergent to pick Emily up and put her in the sink to get cleaned up.

All I have to say is, "Thank God for Borax!"

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