Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thunder Naps and Dashing Wicker Baskets

This afternoon after our shower, my Tommy allowed me to indulge in a quite nap. Miss Em was sleeping, the bigger two were resting, all was quiet. I sank into the plush covers and felt my head dip until it was cushioned to perfection. Ahh, my heart and mind relaxed on command as my body lead them to sleep. About fifteen minutes into my nap I not only heard but felt a loud boom, a tell tale sound that the threatening storm was indeed on it's way. After listening to be sure that the children were not frightened I allowed myself to enjoy the thought of a thunder nap. It had been so long since I'd enjoyed one. I sank even lower into my cushy covers and began to dream of more resonating thunder and the rhythmic pitter patter of rain that was sure to follow. Sighing at the wonderful indulgence I began to drift further into dream land when before my body was even awake it was being hauled by my mind out of bed, grabbing the wicker basket awaiting me at the end of the bed, and then dashing out of the house to gather the clothes off of the line.

The thunder was getting louder. The clouds were getting darker. The breeze was getting stronger. I could even smell the rain on it's way. Not wanting wrinkled clothes, I folded everything as quickly as I could then gently tossed them into the wicker basket at my feet. I felt like I was racing the storm.; As I neared the end of the line I felt for sure I was winning. All clothes neatly tucked away, the basket and I dashed back inside to greet giggling kiddos that had been enjoying the show through the window.

Two hours later the thunder is still making a spectacle of itself and still no rain!

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Anonymous said...

We heard thunder today as well. One of my girls, very urgently said, Mom do you have clothes on the line; you better go get them.

No clothes on the line. No free entertainment for the kiddos.