Saturday, July 7, 2007

Early Morning Snuggles and Puppy Kisses

It's not often that I have the pleasure of waking my children up. They are usually stretching and peeking through groggy eyes around the same time I am. This morning though, we had to wake up earlier than usual and I was rewarded with extra early morning cuddles and kisses. My Ian, always the first up, got up on his own and waited in the hall to attack me with a good morning hug and kiss as I came out of the bathroom. Since the house was still quiet I allowed myself to be indulged by a nice long squeeze and cuddle on the couch with him prior to waking his sisters.

I then sat on Miss Abigail's bed trying to gently coax her out of her beloved dreamland. Before I was able to accomplish such a lofty task, across the room Miss Emily began to stretch and roll around prior to staggering to her still sleepy tiny feet.

I left the little sleeping beauty to her dreams for just a few more minutes while I held my Emily close. As always when she first wakes up, she was lovey dovey, and Momma was the fortunate recipient to countless open mouth kisses and neck cuddles, with a few whispered "uvayou's" (I love you's) .

With the time in mind, I forced myself to put my cuddle bug down to cuddle with her big brother while I set to waking the dreaming one. As I approached her bed, I was greeted with tiny licks on my toes by a three week old puppy that had recently learned how to escape his nursing box. I lifted the little pup and he nuzzled up close. Sitting on Abigailie's bed, I gently traced her sleep flushed cheek with the puppy's whiskers. The tiny pup began to lick her little cheek. Her eyes fluttered open- a bit confused, then when she saw the puppy in her bed her entire face lit up and it seemed that she'd never had happier surprise than being awakened by a puppy's kiss.

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Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. It looks like you are new to blogging...Welcome to Blogville!! Your site looks nice and I've enjoyed visiting. I love the picture of the outfits you made for your children. I used to sew alot for our girls when they were young. Please visit again, Blessings, Diane