Thursday, July 5, 2007

Everyday Treasures

Well, after many trials and errors I finally was able to sew the girls dresses that may be worn out of the house!

While my Tommy was at work we hurriedly prepared all sorts of fun salads to enjoy before fireworks. Abigail and Ian made lunch while I was chained to the sewing machine. Nachos. They are now nacho experts and will be preparing them in my stead. They also made the strawberry and blueberry fruit salad all on their own. They were quite proud!

On his way home, My Tommy had a flat tire. So we were running a bit behind and wouldn't have time to grill our chicken. My Tommy brought home a rotisserie chicken already cooked and smelling delicious!

When he got home, My Tommy wowed the kiddos with some predark fire crackers then we loaded the cooler up and were on our way. Already an hour behind everyone else, we quickly ate as soon as we got there. We enjoyed some fellowship before the fireworks began and then we all huddled together to enjoy the show. (I did sneak out of the huddle a time or two to steal some pictures. ;))

It was really an enjoyable display. With our National Anthem, God Bless America, and a few other songs from the choir, it was quite moving.

After the last sizzle and pop, while everyone was rushing to their cars, we ran and played tag. Well, they ran and played tag. I took pictures of my children and their doting Daddy running and playing.

That was yesterday.

Today we were blessed by our dear friend, Eddie, that took time out of his day to help my Tommy to get a new tire as even the spare went flat last night! The children and I recovered from our late night out by checking the garden, blowing bubbles, and not much else!

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