Thursday, April 24, 2014

TBT = First New Blog Post in a Year and a Half!

I haven't blogged in a a few blue moons.  I'm not somebody that has all of these cool tips to share with the world, nor do I have incredible wisdom to impart.  I don't have decorating brilliance to inspire others.  No, I always kept a blog for my children to look back, remember, and enjoy.  Then, I started to think that they could use facebook for that very same thing, right?  Well, what if facebook isn't around forever?  I've decided to come back home to my blog so that I can utilize a blog printing company to get a hard copy at the end of the year.  The prospect makes me smile.

So, what is the first post?  A facebook inspired post.  Funnily enough. 

TBT, or Throwback Thursday.

This was my Tommy and me in 1999.  We had been "dating" for a whole  month and a half. (If you count talking on the phone every night, going out to dinner after church, and him walking me to my car after Bible Study as dating.)  We were at Word of Life for a weekend retreat with our Bible Study.  It may have only been a month and a half that we had been together, but man, I loved him.  I still do.  He made me laugh when I felt like crying.  He still does.  He made me look to the future when I felt like the world was closing in.  He still does.  He made me feel like I was to be treasured when everyone else was telling me that I wasn't good enough.  He still does.  I guess some things don't change.

So, that was the picture I chose for this week's TBT (Through Back Thursday, remember?) and just posting it wasn't enough.  See, the picture itself rests in one of the first photo frames I filled after we were married.

So, of course I wanted to share the whole frame.  The upper left corner and lower right corner are pictures of our sweet Abigail when she was a newborn ... when we were brand new to this whole parenting thing.  It seems like forever ago and it seems just like yesterday all at the same time.  Here she is with me now, well, six months ago anyway.

Yeah, tell me about it.

The lower left is me when I was a young girl, then beside that one is my Tommy, and the upper right corner is us at Yum's after church one Sunday ... before they were closed by the health department for domesticated animals hanging in the kitchen.  Yeah, I know, lovely thought to reminisce upon.

That frame sits on a dry sink that I grew up seeing in my grandmother's home.  The picture frame is nestled in between copper dishes, also from my grandmother's collection.  On the wall above the frame, a picture that my extremely talented mother in law painted.  I treasure each and every one of those things.

Yeah, see, I never would have written all of that on facebook.  It is good to be back home on my little ole blog. :)

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