Monday, April 11, 2011

Snapshots from Today

While water whooshed out of the faucet into a pot, onto a drop of soap- making bubbles abundantly grow, I bent to take in the beautiful scent of that little blond head.  The little blond head that belongs to the very enthusiastic three year old who was begging me to "take just one glove off, Momma, please!" with her tiny hands full of her not so tiny school book with eyes that said, "teach me, Momma, please!"

"Do you need help?"
"Yes!  The zebra won't stay still!"

With my one dry, now gloveless, hand I held her book still so she could put the zebra picture on the zebra outline.

"Thank you, Momma!" and off she ran.

When dishes were done and my coffee break had commenced with Springtime dancing in through open windows carrying us all for a little twirl in the breeze, I looked down at the heart capturing smile of the precious 8 month old who was willing my eyes to fixate on his.  Eyes to eyes, his smile deepened.  that intoxicating laugh started to gurgle and my heart was captured once more, deeper yet.

It's a good day.

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