Saturday, August 1, 2009

Self Control, Babycakes, Self Control!

Oh, how I love my sweet Ian. His heart is pure gold. However. Well. If you were to look up ADHD in the dictionary you would see a picture of him ... and his Daddy. ;) Impulse control has never been his strong suit, though something that we've been working on since he weaned. Just the thought of having to sit still in church a couple years ago would induce sobbing, shrieking fits.

He got a play sword for Christmas last year and was told that if he ever used it to hurt his sisters it would be taken from him. Well. He had it in his possession for a few hours before it was taken.

We returned it to him just a couple of weeks ago, with the same warning. One day he was playing with it and Emily came by and did something that he didn't care for. You could see the wheels turning in his head. You could see as he tried to grasp control of his actions. Finally, he threw the sword to the floor and said, "Daddy, you take it!" and walked into the other room to cool down.

Is that the perfect way for him to react? Not at all. Is it improvement? Definitely!

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