Monday, October 5, 2009

Paul, A Sword, My Fire Marshall and Apple Cider

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. The nice crisp breeze danced our curtains all about the house. It was an uneventful day, really. Just the normal things that make up a day. It is Monday, so laundry day. We finished all we needed to for school. For a day made up of ordinary, uneventful things this day offered a specialness to it. Almost as if the air that waltzed in and out of the screens held an invitation for whimsy.

I really don't know how else to explain it. So, that is all I will say about the specialness of our ordinary day.

This afternoon the chidlren were out front playing and somehow Ian's sword ended up on the roof. Doesn't everyone have a sword on their roof? Well, if not, I think they should. It has been quite the talk of the family ever since it happened.

Apple Cider. Oh, yum. Perhaps the whimsy was invited by the apple cider and not the breeze, after all?

While anticipating my Tommy returning home from work, I lit a few candles decorating the dinner table. There are a few more than usual in the center of our table, as Abigail and I put the pumpkin and leaf candles around the typical. After I lit them all, my own personal six year old fire marshall said, "Mom, do you think that there are too many too close together?"

I offered him the glance that says, "Thank you for your concern, son, but I'm the Momma. I wouldn't do anything to harm us."

After accepting my reassurance, Ian said, "I meant I love you. I always say the wrong thing, I really meant to say that I love you." Then he gave me one of his signature hang-on-to-the-neck-and-swing-like-a-monkey hugs that make you wonder if you will come out on the other side with your head still attached to your body.

Paul. Let's talk about Paul for just a moment. Tonight we left behind Samuel and started in on Ephiseans for family devotions. When he was done reading a bit, Tommy asked Abigail who Paul was.

Her response? "That guy that is in all of the other chapters." Why, yes, that is true dear, true indeed.

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